Online Yoga Classes

Not everyone can make it to in-person training classes and even if you can some people prefer to do it in the comfort and security of their own home and that’s ok, it’s your practice, do it how you want.
We can work together to identify times that would be good for you to undertake your practice, whether that’s at the end of a long week or before a big day – whatever your needs we’re happy to support you as best we can.
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Types of Online Classes

Group Online Yoga Sessions

Just like having your practice in the studio, despite recent events shutting down a lot of the world it’s also really opened everyone up to joining in group sessions in the comfort of their own home.
You’re of course welcome to register to join in to one of our online sessions – we ask you to register because we don’t want the session to be too full, this way we can still give you all the support you need and deserve when you participate.

One to One Online Yoga Sessions

If you’re someone who feels you would benefit from more personal support during your practice this is something I an support with, every situation is unique so if you would like to move forward with it please get in touch and we can work out the best way that works for you so you get as much out of the session as you would if you were on your mat next to me.

Online Yoga Courses

I will be producing online yoga courses designed to help guide you through your sessions over multiple weeks that you’ll be able to follow in your own time and on your schedule, so whether you work lates or have to put your children to bed before you practice, you’ll always have us here to support you when you step on to the mat.