Yoga Classes

Types Of Yoga Classes

I specialise in offering classes suitable for real bodies, regardless of any health challenges or physical mobility limitations a person may be living with.

My classes are gentle, supportive and empowering. It is my mission to bring the authentic teachings of yoga to all those that have wrongly been excluded by the popularity of physically athletic, energetic and visually impressive styles of practice.

Restorative Classes

My restorative classes provide a truly restful and recharging experience. These classes engage only minimal movement, with a small number of postures held in supported comfort for an extended period of time, allowing deep relaxation. We incorporate breath connection and guided meditation.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga allows us to access all the same benefits of the practice, but from a seated position. This can be particularly helpful for those of us with limited mobility. It provides an excellent way to continue to engage in mindful movement, maintaining strength and mobility without the need to stand or transfer.

I am also able to offer exclusively floor-based practices as well as mixed classes for students with varying needs. 


One To One and Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

If you’re looking for a deeply personalised and more in-depth approach to your practice I offer 1:1 sessions both in-person and online.

I am currently completing an extended qualification in yoga therapy. Yoga therapy involves the application of yogic practices to help alleviate physical and mental health conditions and promote overall health and wellbeing.

Bespoke Workshops and retreats

I run bespoke workshops and retreats throughout the year. I am also available for tailored group sessions on request.