Corporate Yoga Classes

Yoga in the workplace can be an excellent way to invest in employee wellbeing.

types of classes and practice styles

The duration, style and number of participants can all be tailored to suit individual needs. 

Generally speaking, a chair-based Hatha practice tends to be the most widely accessible and suitable option for the majority of corporate settings.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga can provide a surprising amount of physical movement practice without the requirement for large amounts of floor space to accommodate mats.

It allows participants to join directly from their desks and is an excellent opportunity to incorporate simple movement patterns that can be applied during the working day to ease the tension and discomfort of prolonged sitting. 

Benefits of Yoga in the office

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Yoga boasts an impressive, evidence-based variety of both physical and mental health benefits. Introducing its practice within the workplace can be an excellent way to invest in employee wellbeing. 

These sessions allow an opportunity to connect with colleagues to de-stress, with the potential to boost mood, energy and productivity as well as introducing healthy movement into what might otherwise be a relatively sedentary day at the desk. 

What happens during a corporate yoga class

That can depend on the style of class chosen but generally we begin with a centring exercise, moving into breath-led movement and ending with a final relaxation, often incorporating therapeutic breathwork. 

The sessions can always be tailored to the specific needs of both the business and the participants but will never require any previous yoga experience as a prerequisite. The sessions are suitable for all levels and experiences of practitioner.

Class Fees and costs

The session cost will vary depending on a number of different factors including the location, format and number of participants. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a bespoke quote based exactly on your needs.

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Online / virtual Classes

Corporate sessions can be delivered online, streamed live in the workplace, whether that be in the office, at home, or a mixture of both.

These are delivered as live classes (not pre-recorded) and as such provide the same level of personalised teaching you would expect from in-person classes. 

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